The Benefits of Tempo Training

Less weight, better form, a stronger you!
Gabriel Rusher
March 27, 2022
The Benefits of Tempo Training

If you have been training at WCFM over the past few weeks, you have no doubt noticed that we have incorporated a significant amount of tempo work in our program. You have likely also realized how challenging it can be. However, the benefits are well worth the effort! Here are some of the positive effects of tempo training:

Get More With Less Weight: By slowing down the movement, a lot of time under tension is generated; this is a big reason why tempo training is so effective. More time under tension means less weight is needed to provide an effective training stimulus, which decreases the risk of injury. 

Reinforce Your Form: Moving slowly to a specific tempo requires focus, coordination, and control. This is a great recipe for developing the bodily awareness that leads to bullet proof technique.

Build Strength: Time under tension is a hallmark of strength development; the longer your muscles work, the stronger they will become. 

Less weight, better movement, and a stronger you! What’s not to like? If you or a friend you know would like to experience the benefits of tempo training, fill out our contact form here.

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