Build A Healthy Relationship With The Scoreboard

Are you self conscious about entering your score in SugarWOD?
March 24, 2023
Build A Healthy Relationship With The Scoreboard

Are you self conscious about entering your score in SugarWOD? Does seeing other’s results make you anxious that they may be judging your performance? If so, this article is for you! At WCFM, we strive to deliver measurable results to our member’s health and fitness. As such, the scoreboard is a vital tool for analyzing your progress over time, and we want you to be able to use this tool without any added stress. Here are a few thoughts that may help improve your perception of the scoreboard and get the most out of utilizing it:

Keep it in perspective. Again, the scoreboard, like a scale, is a useful tool. It can show you when you’re on track and when you may need to make some adjustments. However, it is not an indicator of your value as a person. Your results will fluctuate over time. You may at times feel disappointed with your performance. That’s OK. Those disappointments are often greater learning experiences that lead to further successes. It’s part of the process, so embrace it!

Measure your progress. Seeing your progress, especially over a long period of time, is exciting! It’s not uncommon for us to do repeat workouts from previous months or even years. So, log accurately each and every workout you do. Use the note feature to record any specific modifications you made. This will make the process of analyzing your progress much easier. After all, it’s hard to interpret your workout results if you don’t know what you did!

Remember that others want you to succeed. It is common to worry what others may think of a result you logged. Oftentimes, that is a reflection of the disappointment you may feel over a particular performance. However, that is not how others view it. Your fellow gym pals understand that each person progresses at their own pace, and they want others (including you) to succeed. Instead of comparing yourself with where others are at now, compare yourself to where you were before.  

Your results on the scoreboard are small bits of reality, and quite frankly, they can at times hurt to look at. But, it is very likely that you will have far more successes than disappointments over the course of your fitness journey. When disappointments do occur, keep them in perspective and view them as learning experiences. And remember that others want you to succeed, too!

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