Is The Open For You?

Whether you are testing or training, everyone can participate!
Gabriel Rusher
February 13, 2022
Is The Open For You?

It is soon to be CrossFit Open season, and with it a series of workouts (three WODs spread over three weeks) that are sure to test your fitness and tummy ache threshold. Testing is a useful part of the process because it helps us assess the effectiveness of our training and make adjustments if needed. However, there are times when it is appropriate to test, and times when it is not. This article will help you determine if this is the year you should bring out the war paint or put on the brakes. 

Let’s start by addressing the big question in bold up there. 👆 “Is the Open for everybody?” Yes, it is! Just like any other CrossFit workout, modifications can be made to accommodate your unique circumstances. There will even be three different levels of programming: Rx, scaled, and foundations. You don’t have to sign up to participate, either! 

The Open presents a great opportunity to get a little outside of your comfort zone. Granted, we already do that almost everyday. However, a test of fitness is not the same as fitness training. There is no specified stimulus we are trying to achieve. This is the time to incorporate movements that you might not normally perform in workouts; pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, double unders, pistols, etc. You may lack some capacity or proficiency, but the whole point is to see what ya got. It may even open the door to a new skill! 

What if testing is not a priority to you? Or, what if you have an injury you are contending with? This might not be an appropriate time to pile on the physical stress, and that’s okay! You can still make great progress without grandiose tests of fitness. Open workouts can easily be adjusted to provide you an effective, pain-free training stimulus. Managing your symptoms may mean restraining yourself in the short term, but it will lead to sustainable improvement in the long term. Whether testing or training, everyone can participate in the Open and contribute to the positive vibes together! 

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