Our New Training Block and Why You Should Attend Dr. Dave’s Seminar

November 17, 2021
Our New Training Block and Why You Should Attend Dr. Dave’s Seminar

Hello fit fam! As you may already know, we’ve wrapped up our previous training block and are currently starting the next this week. In just a short five weeks we’ve seen many members increase their strict press and improve their times on repeat workouts. So imagine the progress you’re going to make over the next twelve weeks! Here’s what you can look forward to:

- Consistent heavy lifting to get you stronger
- High volume accessory work to get them muscles bigger
- Deceivingly simple and effective conditioning ;)
- Fun new ways to make fitness, like sled pushes and pulls

We will be building off of each week. Log every training session accurately in SugarWOD and pay attention to the weights you use for each lift. The best way to get the most out of a purposeful training program is to train with purpose!

In other news, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dave Hagerty will be coming to the gym to host a seminar this Saturday, May 15th at 10:45am. For just ten dollars you can learn:

- How to manage your aches and pains
- Specific drills for common symptoms
- The difference between snake oil and actual recovery

Everyone who trains will at some point sustain some sort of injury, whether major or minor. Knowing how to effectively manage your symptoms when they do occur will benefit you throughout your entire fitness career!

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