Deadlifts Aren't Bad For Your Back

November 17, 2021
Deadlifts Aren't Bad For Your Back

Few movements have received as bad a reputation as the deadlift. What is, in all actuality, an excellent developer of lower body and core strength is often viewed as a danger that should be avoided. Why is there so much stigma surrounding the deadlift? Is it the deadlift or the deadlifter?

The truth is that injuries related to deadlifting are quite common. The deadlift, unlike other movements, is very technically forgiving. Take the snatch for example. A position that is even slightly off can, and most likely will, result in a missed lift. Not so with the deadlift. Significant load can still be lifted despite compromised technique. Heavy lifting paired with improper positioning is a recipe for injury.

However, the fault is not the deadlift, but the deadlifter. The deadlift must be approached with intent and without ego. Commitment must be given to the positions, not the completion of the rep. It is not uncommon for a deadlift rep to be grinded out despite substantial technical decay. Really, in this scenario, it is best to abandon the lift and fix the issue, whether that be reducing load, actively refocusing on technique, or both.

The deadlift is a foundational movement that is useful for anyone looking to improve their fitness, but great attention needs to be given to performing it correctly. If you do so, you will receive all of the benefits without any of the setbacks!

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