Warrior CrossFit Muscatine is no more...

Just kidding... kind of.
Gabriel Rusher
July 14, 2022
Warrior CrossFit Muscatine is no more...

For over a decade, our gym has been recognized as Warrior CrossFit Muscatine. CrossFit has, for a long time, been at the core of what we do, and has been a brand and methodology that we closely identify with. However, with time comes change, which includes our direction and goals. Due to our change in perspective, we have decided to change our name from Warrior CrossFit Muscatine to Warrior Strength & Conditioning. But, why the change? And how does this change affect you, the member? Let’s first discuss the reason behind the change. 

The word ‘CrossFit’ is intimidating. Someone who has given our gym a fair shake will quickly realize that there is not anything to worry about. Sure, working out with a group can induce anxiety, but it really doesn’t take long for those feelings to subside. However, there are many who never make it through our doors, let alone reach out, simply because we have the word ‘CrossFit’ in our name. We have found that CrossFit pushes away more people than it draws in. 

The term ‘CrossFit’ no longer accurately describes what we do. This statement may seem odd considering that CrossFit is, in a way, all-encapsulating. However, there are key components in our programming not present in traditional CrossFit programming. We, for example, utilize progressive overload. We value variation, but not at the expense of a comprehensive strength program. We often incorporate both strength and conditioning in the same session separately, rather than warm up for 40 minutes just to do a 10 minute AMRAP. Does this mean that CrossFit as a methodology is ineffective? No. Does this mean you cannot improve both your strength and endurance with CrossFit training? Not at all. We simply feel the phrase ‘strength and conditioning’ more accurately describes what we do in our gym. 

How does this change affect you? It does not. We are still going to provide the same effective and engaging training that we always have, which includes elements of CrossFit. We simply want a name that accurately communicates the service we provide and draws people rather than push them away. 

We appreciate the support we have received from our members over the years and we’re excited to continue helping others improve their health and fitness despite this not so big of a change.

Really guys, it’s not that big of deal, 

The Warrior Strength & Conditioning Crew

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