On the Go Nutrition Tips

Making healthy choices while out and about can be difficult. Read this blog for some helpful tips!
Gabriel Rusher
April 13, 2022
On the Go Nutrition Tips

Finding a balance with nutrition can be very challenging initially, which is part of the reason it is so rewarding to finally figure it out. Trial and error is an unavoidable part of the process, because what works for one individual might not work for another. It is satisfying to know at the end of the day that what you put in your body is going to bring you another step further towards a healthier you, while still indulging in small ways.

You have everything under control, that is, until something doesn’t go according to plan; you’re traveling, out with friends, or at a social gathering, and you’re not sure what to eat and what not to. Routine is great, but adaptability is still a necessity. Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your nutrition on the go: 

Plan ahead. Oftentimes we know well ahead of time when we are going to be traveling or out of the house. If you’re going out to eat with friends or family later in the day, take a look at the restaurant's menu and nutritional information. Having in mind exactly what you want to order ahead of time will take away the stress of making a decision on the fly. If you’re traveling, you can also look at restaurants along the way. Don’t overlook the convenience of gas stations, too; nearly everything has nutrition labels and there are often several healthy choices to pick from.

Stick to the basics. There will at times be situations that make it difficult to make an informed decision. An estimated guess is still better than a shot in the dark. Stick to the basics; fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and lean meats. 

Don’t sweat it when the plan falls through. Sometimes we simply miss the mark. We know it. We feel it. But that’s okay. There are many, many days that comprise the betterment of your health. Don’t get hung up on one that went a little sideways. Pick back up and do the best you can! 

Being out of routine is stressful, but you can still make the best of it. Try these tips next time you’re on the go! And if you have a friend that wants help bettering their health and fitness, have them fill out our contact form below.


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