Monday 1/23/17

Kyle Jack
November 17, 2021
Monday 1/23/17

Focus On Super High Quality MovementEvery 2 Minutes For 18 Minutes (3 Sets of each)Minutes 0-2 Supine Grip Ring Rows x15-18 RepsMinutes 2-4 Nose-to-Wall Hand Stand Hold x 60 SecondsMinutes 4-6 L-Sit/ Hollow Body Hold x 60 Secondsx3(The Goal is unbroken holds/reps, However if you cannot just accumulate the time/ reps)Conditioning:3 Rounds For Total Pull Ups3 Minute ClockRow 600/500mMax Strict Pull Ups In Remaining TimeRest 3 Minutes*Scale Strict Pull Ups With Jumping Negatives*

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