Know the "Why?"

Kyle Jack
November 17, 2021
Know the "Why?"

I think its important to know the "why" behind anything that you do. So I wanted to take a second to explain where our program will be heading now that the Open is over. CrossFit as a sport (at least the open) is limited in what exercises can be performed. Movements need to be measurable and are limited to being done in a gym in a small area. There is nothing wrong with this its just the way the sport is. If you take a look back to a few weeks before the open we really ramped up the open style movements like Wall Balls, Double Unders, Muscle ups, Box Jumps, Barbell Cycling, etc. The reason for doing this is obviously to hone the skills that we knew we would be seeing in the open. Now that the Open is over it is time to start broadening our training. We will be adding in lots of things that you maybe aren't used to or maybe have never even heard of! Some of these things might seem a little weird at first but I promise you they are thought out. Please feel free to ask a coach "why?" "why are we doing this movement?" "what is the point of this?" These are perfectly reasonable questions that I believe if you know the answer to will make you work harder! I just ask that you keep an open mind, trust the program and put in the work.

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