Benefits of Sauna Use

Benefits of Sauna Use
March 24, 2023
Benefits of Sauna Use

As you may have noticed, our gym is now outfitted with an oversized barrel, and included with your membership is the freedom to sit in it whenever you’d like! “But what’s in it for me,” you may be wondering, “Why would I sit in said barrel?” That’s a fair question. There are many claimed health benefits of sauna use, but there is still some deliberation between which are real and which are not so real. (I'm looking at you, detox enthusiasts.) Here are a few benefits that have some research behind them.

Improved recovery. Exposure to higher temperatures promotes the release of heat shock proteins. These proteins reduce inflammation, aiding in recovery. That means less muscle soreness!

Improved performance. Sauna use may also increase nitric oxide bioavailability, a natural vasodilator that reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow. Better circulatory function means better performance!

Improved mental endurance. There’s something to be said about sitting in an uncomfortably hot room for longer than you want to. Sounds a little like CrossFit… ;)

Think of sauna use as exercise. If you place an appropriate amount of stress on your body, it will respond and adapt positively. If you have any questions about how to use the sauna or how often, reach out to any of us coaches. We’re happy to help!

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