Being A Great Member Does Not Mean Being An Elite Athlete

November 17, 2021
Being A Great Member Does Not Mean Being An Elite Athlete

If you are a new member, or just new to fitness in general, chances are you have goals for yourself and you likely look up to more experienced members who have reached the goals you would like to someday achieve. Be careful, though, to not let yourself become discouraged. Understandably, there can be a significant amount of anxiety and self doubt when starting a group fitness program, as with any new endeavor. Can I do this? Will I fit in with the class? What will the more fit members think of me? Will I slow class down?

These are totally normal concerns. Keep in mind, though, that your impact as a member does not rest entirely on your physical capabilities. Some of our best members are what might be considered “scaled” or “intermediate” athletes. Us coaches do not match the criteria of elite athletes, either. The qualities of a member that truly matter go far beyond checking the “Rx” box. A person’s attitude and ability to receive and retain information is much more important. A person who is positive, supportive of other members, a good listener, receptive to coach feedback, and can build upon what they learn from class to class contributes greatly to the environment and culture of the gym.

We as coaches work hard to provide a great experience for all of our members, but do not fail to recognize that, as a member, your positive attitude and dedication to self improvement goes a very long way in inspiring others and elevating their experience at the gym. So, if you have a long fitness journey yet ahead of you, that is okay! You can still be a great addition to our fit fam!

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