Your Metabolism Isn't Slowing (You) Down

March 24, 2023
Your Metabolism Isn't Slowing (You) Down
work to maintain a healthy body composition

If you were to ask a random stranger if it is easy to improve fitness, they would likely answer no (unless, of course, they were being facetious). It is universally understood that losing body fat and gaining muscle mass is an endeavor that requires, at the very least, months of consistent, daily effort. What makes it so challenging varies from person to person; that is, what they think makes it so challenging.

Increasing age and slowing metabolism are often cited as reasons why a person cannot reach their fitness goals. To be fair, there will come a time when you simply cannot do what you used to, and it will be more work to maintain a healthy body composition. However, the factors that are within our control play a much larger role in our health, namely, our nutrition and activity level.

The word “metabolism” simply describes the process by which our body converts food into energy. It has nothing to do with how that energy is subsequently utilized, whether stored or expended. That, in large part, is up to you. To illustrate, a car that is accelerating will use up more fuel than when it is coasting. Our bodies operate in the same manner. What is often perceived as a “slowing metabolism” is, in reality, just the adaptation that our body has made to the demands placed upon it, or lack thereof.

Metabolism and age fall under the larger overarching theme of placing blame on external factors. There will always be something working against us and our goals. It is human nature to focus on the things outside of our control while simultaneously failing to acknowledge what is within our control. For example, suppose that your metabolism did play a much larger role in your weight loss or muscle gain goal, and it was declining sharply. Will neglecting your nutrition and exercise improve the situation? Not one bit! Take ownership of the things that are within your control and you will keep yourself on the path to reaching your goals.

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