Tuesday 12/20/16

Kyle Jack
November 17, 2021
Tuesday 12/20/16

Strength: Bench Press- 5 Rep Max- 1 Second Pause on ChestThen 2x10 @75 % of 5RMSkill- (Muscle Up + 2 Dips x2)x5Scale: 20 Ring Rows + 20 Push Ups x2Conditioning:5 Rounds Not For TimeFarmers Carry 160m (4 Lengths) AHAP2 UnBroken Turkish Get Ups With a Barbell Right Arm AHAP2 Unbroken Turkish Get Ups With a Barbell Left Arm AHAP10 Strict Pull UpsScale: Use KB for Turkish Get Ups5 Jump + Negative Pull UpsCash Out: 50 GHD Sit UpsScale: 100 Ab- Mat Sit ups

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