Maintain Efficiency Under Fatigue

If you move well you can make more fitness!
Gabriel Rusher
June 9, 2022
Maintain Efficiency Under Fatigue

It is common knowledge that efficient movement requires less work. The energy we save can then be used to accomplish more work. Despite being a simple concept, it can be quite challenging to apply practically, especially under fatigue. A person may begin a workout with the best of intentions, but find themself moving with less than ideal technique when the chips are down and the exhaustion sets in. 

If the aforementioned scenario describes you, don’t feel bad. It is almost inevitable to experience form breakdown under fatigue, no matter your experience as an athlete. That being said, there is a clear advantage to limiting the degree of breakdown as much as possible, and we should strive to do so. Here are a simple steps you can take to improve your efficiency when under fatigue: 

Choose appropriate loads. Oftentimes, a decline in technique or failure to meet movement standards during a workout can be attributed to an inappropriate load. Even if you are experienced and consistently move well, you may need to temporarily lighten the load in order to focus on and successfully apply a new cue. 

Show intent. We must first learn to move well, then move well consistently over time before we can expect ourselves to maintain efficiency under fatigue. This requires focus. Get a little dogmatic with yourself. From warm up to post workout fist bumps, each rep matters and is an opportunity to improve. Either the rep met the standard, or it didn’t. If something doesn’t feel quite right, there is often a reason why. 

Modulate your speed. The pressure of accomplishing the task as soon as possible can, at times, interfere with a person’s ability to maintain efficient technique. As part of a fitness program, intensity is necessary. Remember, though, that technique (to a reasonable degree) comes before intensity, which will improve your fitness over the long term. Slowing things down just a bit when appropriate can really make a difference. 

Maintaining efficiency while under fatigue is a skill that requires a lot of focus and effort. However, the outcome is worth the effort because your performance will improve and you will look cool while doing it!

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