Longevity for the Elderly

Becoming older does not mean becoming decrepit.
Gabriel Rusher
March 12, 2022
Longevity for the Elderly

It is widely accepted that with age comes inevitable infirmity. However, many symptoms associated with aging - such as loss of strength and balance - are actually symptoms of inactivity. Exercise can even help prevent or reduce the symptoms of many chronic illnesses including heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, diabetes, and arthritis. It is possible to maintain your independence and continue doing what you enjoy as you age!

It is common to divide the basic needs of the young and the old into two separate camps. However, an individual’s biology remains the same whether they are 21 years old or 81 years old; their needs vary by degree, not kind. The intensity of their exercise may differ, but everyone needs regular physical activity and proper nutrition to remain healthy, regardless of age. 

If you are advanced in years, you may feel that you are too weak or that it is too late to start exercising. If so, be assured that you can still reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. That may be going for a walk, pedaling on a stationary bike, or simply sitting down and getting up out of your chair. The effort you put in will not be wasted!  

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