Bring-A-Friend FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our Bring-A-Friend week!
Gabriel Rusher
April 3, 2022
Bring-A-Friend FAQ

Today marks the official start of our very first bring a friend week! Are you a member that would like to invite a friend to class, but aren’t sure how? Or are you a friend that’s nervous about the new class you’re about to try? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help make your experience just a bit smoother!

How do I invite a friend to class? Simply have them fill out the contact form below at least 24 hours in advance of their requested class time.

How many friends can I bring? As many as you want! 

What is your class schedule? You can see our full schedule here:

How long are classes? Each class is an hour in length.

Do I need to already be fit to try a class? Do you need to already know how to ride a bike to learn how to ride a bike? Of course not! Our workouts are designed with flexibility in mind so that our coaches can provide an experience that is just right for you.

What should I bring? Comfortable and appropriate workout attire and a positive attitude! You may also bring a water bottle if you would like. Drinking fountains, bathrooms, and showers are provided.

Where should I store my personal effects? Storage cubbies are provided away from the gym floor.

What kind of workouts will I do in class? Each class will start with a warm up that is typically followed by a strength portion then a conditioning workout.

Does the coach workout with the class? No, the coach’s responsibility is to instruct and lead the class, and ensure that everyone present is receiving the best workout possible. We’ll leave the exercise to you! 


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